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Georgia students again best the nation on SAT

ATLANTA - Georgia public-school students outperformed their counterparts in the nation's public schools on the SAT this year for the sixth year in a row. The Georgia public-school Class of 2023 recorded a mean SAT score of 1045, 42 points above the national average...

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Georgia lawmakers to tackle fishing rights issue

ATLANTA - Georgia lawmakers passed legislation on the last day of this year's General Assembly session guaranteeing Georgians the right to fish in navigable portions of the state's rivers and streams. While the public's right to fish had been established in Georgia...

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Okefenokee to be nominated World Heritage Site

ATLANTA - The National Park Service (NPS) has taken the first step toward a bid to have the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The NPS announced Friday it is asking officials at the refuge to prepare a draft nomination for the...

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State opens mental health crisis center in Macon

Kevin Tanner ATLANTA - Georgia's mental health agency has broken ground on the state's first crisis support center specifically designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Crisis Stabilization Diagnostic Center is expected to open at the...

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