ATLANTA – Georgia House Republicans released a redistricting map for the lower legislative chamber Tuesday that adds the five additional Black-majority districts ordered by a federal judge last month.

Three of the new Black-majority districts are in the southern and western portions of metro Atlanta, areas of the state U.S. District Judge Steve Jones focused on when he ruled the legislative districts the GOP-controlled General Assembly drew two years ago violate the Voting Rights Act. Black voters tend overwhelmingly to support Democratic candidates.

One of those districts is in Douglas County, and two others are in Henry and Clayton counties, all areas that have seen a large increase in its Black population since the 2010 Census.

A fourth new Black-majority district is in the Macon area, and a fifth is in the Milledgeville area.

The proposed House map modifies the boundaries of 56 of the 180 House districts, stretching from Cobb and Gwinnett counties south through the metro region to Houston and Peach counties south of Macon.

A proposed redistricting map state Senate Republicans released on Monday also is in keeping with Jones’ order, adding two Black-majority districts to the upper chamber.

The judge also has ordered the General Assembly to create one additional Black-majority congressional district.

Lawmakers will convene under the Gold Dome Wednesday for the court-ordered special redistricting session. They’ll have to act quickly to meet the Dec. 8 deadline Jones set for them to complete their work.