ATLANTA – Georgia Power Co. is converting portions of its vehicle fleet to run on electricity, the Atlanta-based utility announced Monday.

Switching to electric-powered minivans, SUVs, forklifts and all-terrain vehicles is in keeping with a plan by Georgia Power parent Southern Co. to switch 50% of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030.

“Our company has long been committed to growing EV infrastructure across the state and supporting customers and businesses looking to go electric,” said Nicole Faulk, Georgia Power’s senior vice president for corporate and customer services.

“As Southern Company’s largest subsidiary, the electrification of Georgia Power’s fleet will play a significant role in helping us achieve this goal corporate-wide.”

In a news release, Georgia Power pointed to advances in EV technology that are extending the range of electric vehicles and improving overall performance. EVs also are better for the environment, and the costs of many electric vehicles have become competitive with those that run on gasoline.

To serve the growing number of EVs on Georgia highways, Georgia Power has installed 41 fast-chargers across the state that can add 100 miles to a charge in just 12 minutes. The utility plans to invest $6 million in fast-chargers during the next three years.

Georgia Power also offers EV charger rebates for residential and business customers. The company’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate offers lower prices from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. to encourage nighttime EV charging.