Jon Ossoff

ATLANTA – Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff has cut a new TV ad that – without naming names – slams President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recorded at Ossoff’s home, where he is self-quarantining after his wife, Dr. Alisha Kramer, tested positive for COVID-19, he praises her work on the front lines of the pandemic as an ob-gyn at Emory University.

“Too many Americans are still getting sick,” a tieless Ossoff declares in the ad. “We need to listen to medical experts, coordinate the national testing strategy and stop politicizing masks. … Nurses and doctors like Alisha, they’re doing their job. It’s way past time politicians did theirs.”

Ossoff, who has tested negative for COVID-19, remains at home with his wife, who has been steadily improving.

The investigative journalist from Atlanta won the June Democratic primary to challenge incumbent Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., in November.

Perdue, who is seeking a second six-year term, ran unopposed for the Republican nomination.

Both sides have been waging an intense campaign on the airwaves, including TV ads funded by their campaigns as well as ads financed by the political parties and outside groups.

Ossoff has been playing up Perdue’s close ties to Trump, including an ad entitled “Echo” alternating sound bites from Perdue identical almost word for word to sound bites from Trump.

An ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee links Ossoff to Hollywood “liberals,” and suggests he is exaggerating his resume.