Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (Photo by Beau Evans)

ATLANTA – Republicans in the Georgia Senate will introduce legislation next week aimed at plugging significant gaps in the state’s criminal justice database.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Bo Hatchett, R-Cornelia, would modernize the current system with input from the various criminal justice agencies involved in implementing the proposed changes.

“As the nation grapples with rising crime, all facets of the judicial system must be properly equipped to respond immediately and effectively,” said Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, the Senate’s presiding officer. “Current reporting data shows unacceptable metrics that pose a major public safety risk for communities.” 

“Solving this ongoing issue is critical to keeping our communities and crime victims safe,” Gov. Brian Kemp added. “When communication breakdowns exist between law enforcement, crime victims, prosecutors, judges, and potential employers, then justice cannot be effectively served.”

The Criminal Record Responsibility Act would update requirements for submitting documents to the Georgia Crime Information Center and remove unnecessary, outdated steps from the submission process.

The bill also would empower the Council of Superior Court Clerks to set rules for electronic filings and create a grant program to help local governments responsible for submitting data to the system pay for technological upgrades.

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